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Electronic Discovery Services

CF360 offers defensible and repeatable process software solutions for eDiscovery to address the evolving Federal Regulations and Compliance issues surrounding Electronic Document Management or Electronically Stored Information. CF360 provides solutions for in-house discovery, data acquisition and retention, master data management, de-duplication, privileged information protection, data redaction, forensic analysis, online reporting, technical litigation assistance and expert testimonial services.

In-House eDiscovery:

CF360 will design, implement and manage your in-house or hosted eDiscovery needs.

CF360 has been providing electronic discovery and cyber litigation solutions to the Department of Justice-US Attorney’s office since 2007.  Our direct litigation support services include in-house eDiscovery solutions; ESI collection, preservation and validation; and testimonial services including expert trial testimony, sworn declarations and affidavits and assistance with subpoena/court order technical verbiage.  

Our current and past performance includes both technical expertise and litigation assistance for both the Civil and Criminal divisions of DoJ-US Attorney's office and related matters.  Let our 4 years of excellent past and current performance assist you in any ESI or discovery matters your firm or client may face in Federal or State courtrooms.

CF360 Hosted ESI and Online Review:

In efforts to save clients software, hardware, maintenance and other in-house eDiscovery related costs, we provide hosted ESI solutions. In additional to providing unlimited ESI storage capacity and long term preservation, our hosted services provide the following benefits at a fraction of in-house ediscovery costs:

1. Help in a Legal Hold Notice
2. Collection of ESI or other Digital Evidence
3. Maintain the Digital and Physical Chain of Custody
4. Preservation of ESI, Digital evidence or other Discovery for a Period of Time or Indefinitely
5. Process the ESI or Digital Evidence using our CF360 Forensics Laboratory
6. Create Online Portals and Enable Litigators to Concurrently Access, Bookmark Tag, Flag, Note and Export Relevant data. 

Added Value to the Client:

Whether your choice is in-house or hosted eDiscovery, CF360 will be there to assist you in your potential or eminent litigation. CF360 will help prepare any judicial filings including Signed Declarations and Affidavits, Trial Preparation and any Testimonial Services. As certified experts in Federal and State court we understand the complete process of preparing your case for any judicial hearing and presenting the case to a judge, jury, or mediator.

Our Clients

The list speaks for itself. These are some of our high profile clients.

"Who are you going to trust? 
Our expert, who has been trusted by three Presidents, or their expert?"
-Assistant US Attorney Maria Murphy - USA vs Bruce Michael Orr
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