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Forensic Training

Forensic Training

Let our team of instructors provide beginning, intermediate and expert training.  Our tailor made instruction focuses on your immediate or long term concerns and empowers you in understanding the complex world of digital evidence.  

We offer a wide variety of hands-on computer forensics training courses in our Digital Forensics Training Facility.

Many of our courses come with full versions of professional software from such developers as AccessData and Wetstone Technologies. Request a list of our upcoming courses.

If you are not utilizing digital forensics in your case or investigation, then forensics will be utilized against you." - John Minotti - CF360 Labortory Director.

Some of our courses include:

Electronic Discovery Training

With clients who include Toyota of America and the Department of Justice, our Electronic Discovery collection, analysis, preservation and courtroom presentation course will help prepare litigators and potential witnesses who present elecronically stored information (ESI). The rules of ESI are rapidly changing and our 40 hour course material will provide a balanced curriculum of:

1. Relevant forensics issues utilized in ESI including subpoena and court order language
2. Rules governing ESI and knowing what is relevant in a legal hold or ESI collection
3. Preparing the ESI for demonstrative use
4. Courtroom presentation of ESI 
5. Cross examination of expert witnesses 

Cellular/GPS Forensics and Cellular Triangulation

The number of cellular and GPS devices analyzed by our experts in 2010 has surpassed the number of computers for the first time in our history. Recovering deleted SMS chats, pictures, or other cellular stored data can be the difference in an internal audit orcriminal or civil case. Our three day course enables you to understand cellular and GPS technology, perform forensic examinations and recreate a cellular or GPS historical location data.

By the end of our course, you will have the knowledge to analyze the latest cellular devices including the iPhone versions 1-4, Android, Blackberry and thousands more using the latest hardware and software forensic tools. Included in this course is the training, knowledge and hands on experience to:

1. Analyze Cellular Devices
2. Analyze GPS Devices
3. Cellular Historical Data Reconstruction (Triangulation)

PC, Linux and MAC Forensics:

Our internationally recognized training was developed to be a fast paced, hands on approach which has been designed to integrate a 3-tiers to winning cases and solving complex investigations.

1. Digital first responder - Focus on incident response and onscene acquisition and volatile data capture. 3 day course
2. Forensic analysis - Integrated software solutions and advanced techniques is the focus of this course. 5 day course
3. D.E.W. Process and Courtroom presentation - Delivering complex technical findings to a judge and jury. 3 day course

Our class sizes are limited to 12 vetted persons. For a list of our upcoming training coursescontact us today.

"Who are you going to trust? 
Our expert, who has been trusted by three Presidents, or their expert?"
-Assistant US Attorney Maria Murphy - USA vs Bruce Michael Orr
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