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Intellectual property theft, network shutdown or takeover, and persistent attacks or malware threats plague all corporate networks  

Elias Tech provides a-la-carte choices providing onsite IT training and certifications, external facing pentesting, internal vulnerability assessments, and catastrophic IR.  Our IR services can assist corporations with as few at 10 systems and as large as 20,000 endpoints.  

Hackers have what IT security staff will never have; unlimited time and an arsenal of open source tools and malware or exploits to effectively attack your network.  Internal threats or external attacks result in financial loss or release of sensitive information.

Stop relying on external protection and detection appliances and software and implement and network snapshot software and memory analysis tools capable of real-time change recognition and anomalous activity.  Customized malware and Advanced Persistent Threats are is capable of bypassing many know perimeter protections. Implementing a new solution or reviewing a current one is the first step in preparing for a cyber attack.  Training or retraining IT staff in becoming incident response specialists will save your corporation or agency millions in breach mitigation and outsourcing during a major intrusion.

Allow us to test and retest your protections while developing interior re-design options and performing ethical hacking scenarios incorporating your IT staff with each planned exercise with a focus on protecting the company jewels whether it is financial data, personal data, intellectual property, or any other sensitive corporate data.  Endpoint security analytic software such as Guidance Encase Enterprise with Cyber Security and Analytics will allow trained security staff to leverage data from across all your servers and end-user devices – including running processes, connections, machine names and IP addresses, and other valuable data – endpoint security analytics give you complete visibility of your network’s activities, allowing you to detect anomalous behavior, risks areas, and security threats before damage can be done.

Establishing protected endpoint baselines of systems will dramatically reduce the time sensitive information has been exposed and how long malware or exploits have compromised your network.  Once trained IT staff identifies heuristic activity related to a breach or threat, their ability to contain the threat occurs in minutes and this includes isolating exposed endpoints, remote memory capture and analysis.  

Should legal action such as civil litigation and federal criminal actions be desired against the intruders, allow Elias Technologies' 9 year technical litigation services assist you in seeking justice and restitution.

"Who are you going to trust? 
Our expert, who has been trusted by three Presidents, or their expert?"
-Assistant US Attorney Maria Murphy - USA vs Bruce Michael Orr
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