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K. Gus Dimitrelos

K. Gus Dimitrelos
Senior Digital Forensics Consulting Expert
Active Top Secret Clearance

Gus currently performs cyber forensic investigations and provides expert courtroom testimony to the US Department of Justice, US State Department, US Federal Defender's Office, numerous state and local law enforcement agencies and private law firms and attorneys. As the former Alabama Director of Digital Evidence and co-founder, Gus offers his expertise in complex computer, cellular and GPS cases throughout the world.

Certified in US Federal Court as a Digital Evidence Forensic Expert, Gus has directly assisted the FBI, ATF, DEA, ICE and the US Secret Service in solving digital investigations, conducting computer / cellular forensics and reconstructing historical cellular data.

Gus is considered a premier Cyber investigator receiving worldwide notability solving complex investigations for Hollywood Celebrities such as Linkin Park and Entertainment and Law Firms such as DavisShapiro-Beverly Hills. This investigation was featured in Wired Magazine, and Esquire Magazine - International.

Gus is also a Subject Matter Expert (SME) on the Evaluation, Prevention, Interdicting and Investigation of Acts of Terrorism and has conducted cyber-terrorism and cellular forensic program evaluations for the Anti-terrorism Assistance Program (ATAP), US Department of State. His most recent evaluations included overseas assessments of the program in the Middle East and South America. 

Prior to retiring from the US Secret Service Gus held many positions including; Supervisor for all 15 Electronic Crime Taskforces throughout the United States; US Secret Service lead interviewer for the 2003 USA/Canada Northeastern Power Outage Task Force; Vice-chairman on the Scientific Working Group on Digital Evidence (SWGDE) Committee; and 2002 Salt Lake City Winter Olympics - Technical Security Infrastructure Coordinator.

Gus has coordinated over 100 domestic and international Technical Security Surveys for Presidents William J. Clinton and George W. Bush and Vice-Presidents Albert Gore and Dick Cheney. Only six special agents in the USSS are offered these coveted positions.

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