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Scott Pearson

Scott Pearson
Certified Senior Digital Forensics and Network Intrusion Consulting Expert

Scott provides technical training and consultations overseas to foreign law enforcement entities, military personnel, and network/system administrators while supervising installation of multiple computer forensic labs in multiple countries on behalf of the United States Department of State Bureau of Diplomatic Security Anti-Terrorism Assistance Program.

Scott currently conducts instruction and development for advanced level courses assigned to the network intrusions investigations track attended by investigators from all four branches of the US military and law enforcement agencies including the FBI, CIA, and local LE. Represented the Department of Defense as an instructor at the annual US Marine Corps Information Assurance Conference in Reston, Virginia.

Lead engineer on major network monitoring and security software suite deployed at almost all most major telecommunications entities (Lucent, Verizon, SBC, AT+T) in the United States to monitor critical backbone networks and medium carrying voice/data streams over wireless, copper, and fiber optic cables to the end customer. The application is equipped to support network protocols such as TL/1, SNMP, CMISE, and TCP/IP enabling communication with intelligent network devices. NMA also utilizes an extensive database schema to inventory and replicate network topologies enabling the application to correlate alarms from the field generating one dispatchable trouble ticket for each root cause failure.

Provided training and consulted with administrators and technical staff of the Olympic Security Data Network (OSDN) in Athens, Greece, on behalf of the United States Department of State, on issues of network security as pertaining to the network layout, network devices and software deployed for use during the 2004 Summer Olympic Games.

Scott conducted in-depth security vulnerability assessment in accordance with NIST latest requirements and guidelines to ensure adherence to security policies against network infrastructure in place at the United States Office of Personnel Management government agency. He performed penetration testing and vulnerability scanning on specific network devices and servers using advanced tools such as Tenable’s Nessus Vulnerability Scanner, CSC’s Hydra Expert Assessment Technology Scanner, GFI’s LANguard Network Security Scanner.

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