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Student Hacks Into High School Computer Servers

A student of Daphne High School faces serious charges of criminal nature after authorities complained that he broke into a school computer system that connected with 46 district schools in the southeast region.

The student aged 16, meddled with computer servers and deleted folders and databases of students at different schools in Georgia, Alabama, Kentucky, Texas, Mississippi, North Carolina and South Carolina, said Maj. Anthony Lowery, spokesman for Baldwin County Sheriff's Office. Press Register reported this on April 10, 2007.

The student's name was not disclosed considering his age, Lowery told the PressRegister. The student allegedly accessed the computer networks in the 47 school districts, he added.  Although the hacking happened at school, but investigators found a computer at the student's home that was perhaps used to carry out the entire scam. The investigators seized that PC.

The teenager accessed students' demographic information of the period over two weeks in the second half of March, Lowery said. However, there were no evidence of harvesting, pharming or distribution of any student's personal data.  Neither officials of the school district nor those of the Sheriff's office would disclose the time of the hack i.e., whether it happened during class or during school leisure hours. According to Sgt. Tony Nolf's statement the teen was attending a Web-design class and several of Daphne high classrooms have many computers.

The office of the Sheriff came to know about the hacking on March 30 when the software company of the Baldwin district detected a problem in the servers including those of other districts, Lowery said.  The Baldwin schools, equipped with anti-tampering software, were able to prevent the student trying to penetrate records, said Baldwin school board spokesman Terry Wilhite. PressRegister reported this on April 10, 2007.

The charges against the student could be "offense against intellectual property". The offense is a Class B crime and could carry a punishment of up to 20 years in jail, if the damage is beyond $2,500 or if there occurs a disruption in government operation or public communication.

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