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Cyber Forensics 360 Lab designs are tailored around the defined and described needs of the requesting government agency or department, specific country rules of evidence and cyber laws, and our 18 years of experience in developing and managing laboratories worldwide. Our current and past performance in the area of cyber forensics program development, program management, and direct expert services to US federal, state and local law enforcement is unmatched. All of our designed programs and services include the foundations addressing evidence handling, expert analysis and advanced training and certifications.

Cyber Forensics 360 has provided over a combined 200+ successful task orders for the Department of State Cyber-Assistance Program in over 30 countries including: Pakistan, Kenya, Uganda, Bosnia, Bahamas, Jamaica, Mexico, Ecuador, Turkey, Colombia, Antigua, Trinidad, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, India, Egypt, Azerbaijan, Jordan, Morocco, Bahrain, Greece, Uzbekistan, Paraguay, Tanzania, Oman, and Chile. These task orders fulfillments consisted of computer and mobile device forensics and network forensic investigations and training. More than 2,000 international law enforcement personnel and analysts have been trained as a result of our training services.

The courses outlined below have been developed by Cyber Forensics 360 and provide a comprehensive foundation for any organization or individual entering into or advancing their cyber forensics or cyber security capabilities. Our courses provide a combination of theory and use of forensic tools through practical exercises in order to introduce the participant to real-world functionality for when they return to their jobs. Knowing the theory is only part of the equation, working with forensic tools and learning investigative processes from experienced forensic examiners will accelerate their return on investment and it will provide a solid foundation to build upon.

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"Who are you going to trust? 
Our expert, who has been trusted by three Presidents, or their expert?"
-Assistant US Attorney Maria Murphy - USA vs Bruce Michael Orr
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